Lingeries in Dubai

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Buying lingeries can be a tricky thing at times. The key to buying the right lingere is knowing your body type. People often say that a confident woman can carry anything off. We, on the other hand think that knowing what does or does not look good on you can never do any harm! Lingeri has always been such a popular gift for Valentine’s Day. Stores are swamped with men looking for the perfect gifts for their beloveds and the womens underwear aisles are flocked with handsome men purchasing exquisite underwear for women to spice up their special evening.


With Mystique in the market now, you have the option of purchasing lingeries from the comfort of your own home. We now ship lingere to all GCC countries and offer free shipping for our lingeri within the UAE! From bras and panties, sexy dresses, corsets and body stockings, to all other types of sexy underwear for women, Mystique is a fast growing favorite! We offer sizzling womens underwear in delicate lace, sexy mesh, kinky fishnet, and all other types of material that looks great against a woman’s skin. Our products are packaged in boxes and come on hangers too, therefore are easy to transport.  


Take the time to browse our collection of lingeries, either in store or online and immerse yourself in luxurious intimates! Our lingere is fashion forward, comfortable to wear, delightful to the eye, and just plain sexy! If its lingeri and underwear for women you’re looking for, be assured that Mystique is where you’ll find it! From seductive teddies to delicious bedroom costumes, Mystique is your one stop shop to buying womens underwear in the GCC! At the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing: who do you want to be today?

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Lingeries in Dubai

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Lingeries are fashionable and typically alluring underwear for women. Lingere may also refer to womens underwear including flexible, stretchy, sheer or decorative materials like lycra, nylon, polyester, satin, lace, silk and sheer fabric. The term in the French language applies to all undergarments for either gender. In English it is applied specifically to those undergarments designed to be visually appealing or erotic. The garments are not just limited to traditional bras and panties anymore but can be in the form of babydolls, chemises, corsets, bustiers, g-string, and even hosiery! 


Bedroom fashion has become such a huge thing in the past few decades and now materials like vinyl and leather are also widely accepted. The lingeries market at the  turn of the 21st century was driven by the advent of modern technologies and fabrics that help in designing innovating products such as laser-cut seamless bras. Designers are putting greater emphasis on rich-looking fabrics, laces, embroideries and brighter, more daring colors to make lingere more exquisite looking. The global lingeri market in 2003 was estimated at $29 billion, while in 2005, the bra accounted for 56 percent of the market and panties and g-string represented 29 percent. Fashionable and erotic underwear for women is becoming increasingly popular in  the Middle East over recent years.


The concept of lingeries as visually appealing womens underwear, was developed in the late 19th century. Through the first half of the 20th century, women wore underwear for three primary reasons: to alter their outward shape (first with corsets and later with girdles or bras), for hygienic reasons (panties, g-string), or for simple modesty. As the century progressed, lingeri became smaller and more form fitting. It was only in the 60’s when manufacturers began to glamorize the use of underwear for women. 


Mystique offers you stunning garments to adorn yourselves with for all kinds of intimate fun!! From bustiers to bodystockings, we’ve got you covered!

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Babydolls in Dubai

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Babydolls (baby doll, babydoll, baby dolls), are short, sometimes sleeveless, loose-fitting nightgown or negligee intended as sleepwear or nightwear for women. It sometimes has formed cups called a bralette for cleavage with an attached, loose-fitting skirt falling in length usually between the upper thigh and the belly button. The garment is often trimmed with lace, ruffles, appliqués, marabou fur, bows and ribbons, optionally with spaghetti straps. Sometimes it is made of sheer or translucent fabric like nylon, chiffon or even silk. The name was popularized by the 1956 movie Baby Doll starring Carroll Baker in the title role as a 19-yr-old nymphet, which essentially marked the beginning of the enduring popularity of the style for adults.


The babydoll is now a highly eroticized item of adult apparel, often classified as a form of lingere. Adult baby dolls are quite different from the infant babydolls; they fully expose the woman’s legs, and some styles emphasize or deliberately expose the breasts as well. The gown is often sold as a set with matching panties or a thong, as a typical baby doll is short enough that underwear is visible if worn. Modern versions often vary considerably from the styles of the 60s and 70s.  


Short daywear dresses of a similar style are sometimes called babydoll dresses; the name is also sometimes in two words: baby doll and sometimes hyphenated: baby-doll. Baby dolls are now becoming popular as bridal lingeres as they prove to be a more affordable alternative to a bridal corset and the buyer has a greater choice of designs and colors.


We, at Mystique, are proud to announce the arrival of exquisite and sexy babydolls later this year. Ranging from silk to lace and of all the colors of the spectrum, you will surely find a piece to suit your taste and personality!

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Dresses in Dubai

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Dresses have come SUCH a long way since the 19th century when they had increased dramatically to the hoopskirt and crinoline-supported styles of the 1860s; then fullness was draped and drawn to the back. They had a “day” bodice with a high neckline and long sleeves, and an “evening” bodice with a low neckline (décolleté) and very short sleeves. Throughout this period, the length of a fashion dress varied only slightly, between ankle-length and floor-sweeping. Today, there is no end to the variety available all over the world. Whether you’re someone who likes to express a little femininity or not, a little black dress is definitely something that almost every woman I know owns. 


There are so many types of dresses out there: ball gowns, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, Maxi dresses, prom dresses, black dresses; we can go on and on! Despite the high number of retail stores that offer a wonderful variety, buying dresses online in Dubai is gradually becoming more and more popular over the years. Mystique has some serious plans of bringing you a stunning variety of party dresses: both in store and online.  Since Dubai has successfully become the party capital of the Middle East, women are on a constant quest to find the hottest and sexiest short dress to wear to the party. We are excited to announce the arrival of our fashionably sexy new collection of party dresses, which we are anticipating later this year. 


From a sexy super short dress, to a mid length more formal dress, you can be assured that you will find it at Mystique. If you’re lucky, you’ll even be able to find your long dresses at our store! Like us on Facebook to stay updated on the arrival of our new fashion dress and come find your short dress, long dress, party dress, black dress, evening dress, prom dress, cocktail dress and every other kind of dress under the Sun here at Mystique!

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Corsets in Dubai

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The corset is a garment worn to hold and shape the torso into a desired shape mainly for aesthetic purposes. In recent years, the term “corset” has also been borrowed by the fashion industry to refer to tops and dresses, which to varying degrees, mimic the look of traditional corsets without acting as one. While these modern corset tops and corset dresses often feature lacing or boning and generally resemble the historic style, they have very little if any effect on the shape of the wearer’s body. Back in the day, these items were made by a corsetmaker and should be fitted to the individual wearer. 


The word corset is derived from the Old French word corps, which means body. The craft of the construction of corsets is also known as corsetry, as is the general wearing of them. The most common and well-known use of the corset is to slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette. For women this most frequently emphasizes a curvy figure, by reducing the waist, and thereby exaggerating the bust and hips. A girdle, on the other hand, is a garment that encircles the lower torso and in modern day almost replaced corsets in popularity. 


At Mystique, we offer high quality fashion corsets, which are not only flattering but are available in an array of sizes. You can wear these beautiful garments on a sexy pair of pants, shorts or a stylish skirt for a great night out, or for some fun in the bedroom! The corset of your choice can be found at our store and can also be paired with some other accessories to create a fantastic bedroom costume! It can therefore be used as both lingeries and be a part of a great outfit for a party! Come find a corset to suit your style only at Mystique.

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Bras in Dubai

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Buying bras can be such a mission for women in Dubai. Whether its finding the correct bra size or just the best bra for you: we, at Mystique completely understand your plight ladies! Although we are yet to introduce an entire range of different bra types at our store, we do have a slightly naughty selection of bra sets in store for all of you! All of our products in this category come in sets, which sometimes include a bra and matching panties and sometimes come with a g-string. Mystique’s bra sets are the perfect pieces of lingerie for your hot date.


Our bra sets come packaged in beautiful boxes and the bras themselves are in a variety of material ranging from lace to mesh. Some of our bra and matching panties sets have the most adorable cutouts, which add tremendous sensuality to the product when worn. Some of the bra types we carry in our range are bikini tops, halter tops, peek-a-boo bra tops and so many more. They usually come in a One Size Fits Most, so you don’t have to worry about the bra size. Come find the best bra for you at our store, or just browse our collection online! You are sure to find something that suits your taste!


Some of the gorgeous bra and panties sets available at Mystique have additional accessories that are packaged in the boxes, such as wrist cuffs, wrist and neck restraints, crops etc. Rest assured, you will look nothing short of terrific in the bras available for a little fun only at Mystique! Browse our entire range of bra types now to find the best bra for you! Available exclusively at Mystique.

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